The Group’s business activities are broken down into the Writing and Marking and Visual Communication business segments, under which the respective Group brands edding and Legamaster are marketed and distributed. In addition, partner brands are distributed, which essentially serves to round off the product portfolio at the level of the individual Group companies.
Sales revenue is generated worldwide in around 100 countries, which are generally served by independent distribution partners unless edding is represented by its own sales subsidiary. Distribution to private and commercial end users is carried out exclusively via all classes of trading partners, which in addition to the traditional wholesale and retail trade also include large-scale outlets (supermarkets, DIY stores, etc.), mail-order companies and online distribution channels.

The Writing and Marking business segment essentially comprises the edding brand and includes markers, writing utensils, printer cartridges and toners as well as spray paints. This product range is aimed at both the business-to-business sector and private end consumers. The various products are subdivided into the following categories, depending on the application and target group:

  • Professional Marking
  • Educating and Presenting
  • Writing, Highlighting and Correcting
  • Repairing and Maintaining at home
  • Organising and Marking at home
  • Creating and Decorating
  • Colour and Play
  • Printing
  • EcoLine

The Visual Communication business segment includes the main brand Legamaster. Here a distinction is made between two product groups. The traditional Visual Communication group comprises primarily flip charts, whiteboards, presentation boards and the corresponding accessories. The interactive range covers electronic whiteboards and e-screens (LED screens with touch technology for schools and conference rooms). Sales are almost exclusively generated in the business-to-business sector.

The Group’s headquarters are in Ahrensburg.

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